10 Reasons Why Kale is a Superfood Not to Miss

10 Reasons Why Kale is a Superfood Not to Miss - Health Benefits of Kale

Kale is a green or purple leafy vegetable similar to cabbage. Currently, Kale is very trendy but does its reputation as a ‘superfood’ live up to expectations? Explore the health benefits of kale and find out the ten reasons why this green leafy vegetable is better for you than most other vegetables.

The Health Benefits of Kale

Kale is Full of Antioxidants

Kale is on the superfoods list for a reason; it contains carotenoids and flavonoids that can help combat cancer and other illnesses. If you eat kale several times a week, you will boost your immune system significantly. It can be eaten sautéed as a side dish or simply eaten raw as part of a healthy salad with a dribble of olive oil.

Kale is Great for Losing Weight

Kale is full of fiber and antioxidants and is well known by the title ‘The Queen of Greens’. Use Kale in a salad instead of lettuce or even add it to you fruit when blending it to create a delicious smoothie. Regular servings of Kale will help you shed that weight since each cup of this green vegetable contains no fat, 5g of fiber and only 36 calories

Kale is a Great Source of Calcium

Each cup of Kale contains more than 10% of your recommended daily intake of calcium, one of the highest of all vegetables. This calcium means that kale helps to fight off osteoporosis as well as maintaining healthy cell function.

Kale Helps Protect You from Different Cancers

Since Kale is rich in anti-cancer compounds such as antioxidants, it can help to fight off cancers, in particular colon cancer. In addition to the cancer-fighting properties, the superfood kale contains Phytonutrients which will help sustain healthy eyesight and hearing.

Kale Can Help You Achieve A Liver Health

Kale is rich in sulfur, an essential compound, and studies have shown that by eating kale regularly it can help your body to effectively get rid of chemicals and toxins in the body.

Try to make sure Kale is on your regular superfoods list and eat kale at least three time a week

Kale is High in Fiber

We all know that fiber is essential in the process of digestion. Kale is high in fiber and so will help you to digest and metabolize your food more effectively. In addition, fiber helps you to feel full, and so by eating kale, you will feel less desire to snack or overeat, and hence can contribute to keeping the pounds off.

Kale is an Anti-Inflammatory Vegetable

The benefits of kale just keep coming! Studies have shown that just one cup of kale per day can help in reducing painful joints and autoimmune disease. Kale is a great food for people at risk of arthritis, allergies and even asthma.

Kale is a Versatile Ingredient for Any Meal

Kale is a great versatile vegetable which works really well in salads and sandwiches; as a pizza topping, within salads as well as with roasted vegetables as part of a main meal.

You can even buy baked kale potato chips, or try making your own, there are recipes to be found online, meaning you can have a dose of cancer-fighting compounds while you snack!

Kale is Great in a Detoxifying Juice!

Try adding a handful of kale to pineapple, apple and spinach juice to give you an energy boost in the morning.

Alternatively, try mixing kale with apples, strawberries, carrots, spinach and ginger, to create a delicious, energy boosting smoothie. See here for other juicing tips on how Cleanse Your Body With Healthy Juice Recipes.

Kale, the Superfood That Gives you a Great Feeling!  

As well as the positive benefits Kale can give your body, it can also help boost your mood and mental well-being. Eating a cup of kale a few times a week will keep you liver and kidneys working perfectly and the fiber will keep you feeling full and help contribute to any weight loss plan.

Final Thoughts on The Health Benefits of Kale

So there you have it, the health benefits of very clear. Kale has a richly deserved reputation as a superfood for lots of reasons. The cancer-fighting properties and rich nutrients will help boost your immunity and it can help in achieving your weight loss goals.

Kale can also be eaten as part of a paleo diet; find out more about the health benefits of a paleo diet here.

Make sure you incorporate this delicious and versatile superfood in your diet several times a week to reap the huge benefits it has to offer.

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