Tips For Adding More Dietary Fiber To Your Diet

Add More Dietary Fiber To Your Diet - Fibers

Dietary fiber is extremely important on a diet, because they help you feel full for a longer period, reducing the sensation of hunger, and helps our digestion by slowing down food in our intestines so that we can absorb more useful nutrients. Fibers also regulate the blood sugar levels and promote a healthy heart.

So there are more than one reason you should add more fibers to your daily diet, especially if you want to lose a few pounds. When you start a weight loss diet, you are careful about how many calories you consume, how many proteins your food has, how many fats and carbs. Thus, you should do the same in the case of dietary fiber because it plays a significant role in achieving this goal as well.

The reason so many people don’t get the results they want when set on a weight loss diet is that they ignore the presence of dietary fiber. Many people are so concentrated on getting the calories, proteins, and the rest correctly, that they completely forget about dietary fiber.

Here are the foods high in fiber you can add to your diet, and get the results you want in your weight loss diet.

  • Granola bars are good snacks when you’re looking to lose weight. But so are fresh fruits and vegetables, and they contain a lot more dietary fiber. So use these as snacks.

  • When you feel hungry, nothing beats a vegetable soup, because it is high in dietary fiber and very low in calories, so you will be on track with your weight loss.

  • A great partner for your Greek yogurt can be bran buds. They are crunchy and are perfect for a high fiber diet.

  • Used to enjoying plain bio yogurt? Add some berries to it. Not only will it taste better, but you will also get a lot of dietary fiber since berries are filled with seeds that will do the job.

  • Avoid processed foods, including bread and pasta, by replacing them instead of foods that contain whole wheat.

  • If you don’t eat oatmeal, you should, because it is one of the foods high in fiber. And to make it even better, add wheat bran to it, and you will definitely have a generous portion of dietary fiber.

  • Instead of using white flour when cooking, you could swap it with oat flour. It will immediately give you the fibers you need.

  • Next time, instead of preparing a meal with rice, try going for some beans. They will have enough carbs and give you a healthy ratio of dietary fiber.

  • Preparing a sauce for your dish? Add some vegetables puree to it, and you will enjoy a lot of dietary fiber. High fiber vegetables include sweet potatoes, carrots, broccoli, which will add to the taste and give you a lot of vitamins.

  • When preparing your protein shakes, put some flax seeds in it. The seeds are not only rich in fibers, but they also have healthy fats.

  • You can enhance the dietary fiber and nutrients of your every meal by serving it with a bowl of salad. You can use whatever you like, such as leafy greens, tomatoes, peppers, you name it.

  • Another healthy snack comes in the shape of nuts. Serve a handful or natural, unroasted and unsalted nuts, of any kind, as they have enough dietary fiber, healthy fats and a bit of protein.

  • Feel like chewing on something? An apple can be your best choice. It is healthy, packed with vitamins and fibers.

As you can see, having more dietary fiber is not that complicated, if you make sure to introduce the right foods in your diet. You can choose any two, or three, fiber-rich foods to enjoy in a daily manner. Still, don’t overdo it and eat too much of them.

As you know, too much of anything is harmful, and so are too much fiber for your body, creating discomfort and digestive issues. 

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