Can You Really Eat a Gluten Free Diet?

What foods contain wheat? - Eating a Gluten Free Diet

Millions of people around the world suffer from gluten sensitivity. Gluten is a protein found in wheat, rye, flour, sauces and starches, meaning that many people have to avoid these foods.

A health care professional can help you identify a gluten sensitivity before you cut it out from your diet completely, however whether you suffer from digestive problems, joint pain or celiac disease, you may benefit from living on a gluten free diet.

Where do you find Gluten?

Gluten can be found in wheat and rye, as well as in barley and some oats. As well as learning what foods contain wheat, gluten is also prevalent in a wide range of processed foods such as crackers, potato chips, sandwiches, meat products, fish, breads and even ice-cream.

Alcoholic drinks, especially beer also can contain gluten (remember wheat and barley). Gluten can also be found in pasta, French fries, cakes, salad dressing, soup, pies and candy.

Check the label on foods and you will often see “May contain wheat”. These foods contain gluten.

Reasons to Eat a Gluten Free Diet

A Gluten free diet is recommended as a good choice for people with irritable bowel syndrome, wheat allergies, Down’s syndrome, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s disease and diabetes types 1 and 2.

This diet can also be beneficial for people who suffer from celiac disease, an auto-immune disease that makes the body unable to process and digest fat properly.

People who suffer from painful bowel movements, constipations, excess gas, chronic fatigue syndrome, bad joint pain or women with a history of miscarriages have been known to benefit from a gluten free diet.

Although Gluten free is not a weight-loss diet, it can help you to lose up to 10 lbs in a month as you will be eliminating most pleasure foods from your diet if you go gluten free. By eating a gluten free diet, it can help reduce pressure on your digestive system and also help some people restore general health and improve mental clarity.

A Gluten free diet can help improve your skin, give you a slimmer body and help in your overall immunity against illness and disease. There are many websites and books available which special in gluten free recipes and can help you find the best places to buy certain foods such as gluten free bread and other gluten free foods.

Is it Difficult Going on a Gluten Free Diet?

Imagine cutting out all of the above foods…that wouldn’t leave you much left that you can eat right? Wrong! There are many foods you can substitute for gluten-containing products and while it used to be difficult to keep a gluten free diet, things have changed significantly in recent years.

Health food stores and even supermarkets now carry a wide range of gluten free products, so you can still enjoy the taste of bread, cooked deli meats, cookies and even pizza!

Try swapping out pasta for rice noodles, and swap your malt-containing cereal for corn-based cereals or bran.

Crackers are generally full of gluten but popcorn isn’t so can be a great snacking food.

Get used to reading food labels and check whether foods contain wheat or wheat products such as rye or barley.

Create a diet plan and check online for gluten free recipes which you can pre-prepare at home or work. Once you get into a routine, it really doesn’t need to become a problem at mealtimes.

Great Tasting Gluten Free Foods

Take your pick from the following great gluten free foods.

  •  Potatoes
  •  Rice
  •  Chickpeas
  •  Eggs
  •  Unprocessed meats (including seafood)
  •  fresh fruit and vegetables
  •  legumes
  •  Cheese
  •  Dried Fruit
  •  Nuts
  •  Olive Oil
  •  Dairy products are allowed – just limit your consumption to one 8-ounce glass a day.
  •  Freely use Jam, jelly, and honey for something sweet to eat
  •  Drink tea or fresh-squeezed orange juice.
  •  Drink fresh water with watermelon, apple or cucumber slices.

Instead of grains try the following gluten free alternatives

  •  cornmeal
  •  soy
  •  quinoa
  •  chia seeds
  •  buckwheat
  •  flaxseed
  •  arrowroot
  •  teff and tapioca

Rather than breaded and fried meats, coat them with coconut oil and seasoning before grilling or baking.

Other Health Benefits of Eating Gluten Free Foods

Think of gluten free not as a diet, but a lifestyle, and it will become a manageable and healthy way to live your life.

Going Gluten free can overcome your digestive and abdominal problems and help resolve many skin conditions. By thinking more about which processed foods to avoid, it can also improve your overall diet by avoiding many of the toxins that are found in highly processed foods.

Arrange an appointment with your doctor or nutritionist to see if gluten free is the best diet plan for you.

Now you Know What Foods Contain Wheat and Gluten - What Next?

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