Coconut Oil: A New Super Food?

Health Benefits of Coconut Oil: A New Super Food?

You will probably think of coconut oil as being used to moisturize your skin and as a component in hair shampoo. It won’t surprise you of course that coming from coconuts, it is entirely edible and in fact is now being regarded as a new contender into list of superfoods.

Health Benefits of Coconut Oil

Studies have been carried out which show that people who eat a regular diet containing coconut oil, typically people living in tropical climates, live longer, are slimmer and have reduced rates of heart disease.

Coconut oil improves liver function, metabolism and thyroid function and studies have shown that moderate to high amounts of coconut oil can lower cholesterol.

Although coconut oil does contain saturated fats, a study carried out in 1987 concluded that coconut oil protected the body against cancer more effectively than unsaturated oils.

Coconut oil can also help with blood flow by reducing blood clots and as well as aid with digestion and water-retention.

Coconut Oil Can Increase Wellness and Total Health

Coconut oil can be used in aromatherapy, or as massage oil. Try massaging some oil onto your wrists and temples and savor the unique earthy scent that is has.

Coconut oil in cooking can boost your metabolism and helps proteins support muscle mass, meaning it can be used for both bodybuilding or for slimming down.

Studies have shown that irritable bowel syndrome can be relieved with coconut oil.

Coconut oil also acts as an appetite suppressant and will help curb those sugar cravings.

Coconut Oil is Good For Your Skin, Teeth and Overall Hygiene!

Coconut oil’s is so versatile; it can be used as an antifungal, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and antiviral component. What does coconut oil taste of? There is a very subtle taste of coconut but it is not very strong, meaning that this oil can be used even by people who are not very font of the taste of coconut.

For every 100 Lbs of weight, try to use 3 Tbsp. of coconut oil in your daily diet.

As well as using in cooking, there are health benefits of coconut oil; it is very effective as a lotion if you suffer from eczema and can also be the perfect massage oil.

Women can lather on coconut oil to help relieve nipple pain when breastfeeding. It can also be applied before shaving as a great natural lubricant to prevent cuts and scrapes.

You can even mix coconut oil with corn starch and baking soda to create a natural deodorant.

The anti-inflammatory properties of coconut oil make it great for using outdoors to combat discomfort from stings and insect bites.

Coconut Oil Will Make You Healthier!

Use coconut oil as a substitute for butter, When making omelets or pastries or indeed any cooking. You can even spread it on toast instead of butter, give it a try!

You may need to gently heat natural coconut oil in a pan before use, as it is very thick in it’s natural state. Try adding it to a smoothie or when juicing.

If you have a pet dog or cat, you can add a teaspoon of coconut oil to their water to aid their digestive system.

Other health benefits of coconut oil mean that it can also be used in the treatment of acne, simply apply topically to the spots; the same is true for all general skin conditions including eczema, and can even be used in the treatment of scars to help the healing process.

In addition to all of these amazing qualities, coconut oil is also excellent in the treatment of painful back, neck and joints.

Combined with peppermint, coconut oil is a highly effective natural insect repellent too!

Coconut Oil is Now Well and Truly on the List of Superfoods

So you can see that as well as the well-known uses for making your hair shiny or as an after-sun lotion, coconut oil is truly a versatile substance both in your cooking, as well as hen applied topically to your skin.

Try using this unique oil in your cooking and start enjoying the health benefits of coconut oil which rightly deserves its place on the list of superfoods.

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