Discover 10 Tricks to Boost your Mood Naturally

Discover 10 Tricks to Boost your Mood Naturally

Nearly everybody suffers from bad moods and bouts of the blues. Often we just move on naturally but sometimes this can take some time. You don’t need to take a pill to overcome these negative emotions, although there are some useful herbal mood enhancers available. For a natural remedy for mood swings, here are some easy tips to boost your mood naturally.

Sit Up Straight, and Hold Your Head up High

When we are in a bad mood or feeling down, we tend to hunch our shoulders and put our heads down. So the first step to boost your mood is to hold your head up high , (Literally and Metaphorically), and sit or stand up straight.

You can practice holding your head up and making eye contact with yourself in front of a mirror. This is a great way to gain confidence and will boost your mood and affect your overall attitude.

Show Some Gratitude for All You Have

Become a ‘mood magnet’ and become an attractor of positive outcomes with your thoughts! What does that mean? If you think about the things that you have, appreciate the people and objects around you, then you will start to attract more of these positives into your life. Like-attracts-like and through these thoughts of gratitude and appreciation, you will act as a magnet to more of these positives.

Try and avoid focusing on negatives, and just focus on positive thoughts. It is this act of focusing on positive thoughts that will attract other positive things into your life.

If you find yourself in a negative mood or in a rut, then try thinking of one thing in your life you can be grateful for. No matter how bad things get, you can always find a way to be grateful for something; your health, or the happiness of your children, or the fact that you have a job and a steady wage. Thinking these positive thoughts will help boost your mood naturally.

Spend an Hour Reminiscing about Your Happy Past

Dig out those old photo albums, or trawl through your image library on your computer. Spend some time looking at these happy pictures of friends and family.

Looking at Pictures and thinking about the past can transport you back to that time and help bring back the happy feelings you had at that time. This is a great way to boost your mood and take you away from the current stress you may be feeling.

Flip Your Negative Thoughts into a Positive Variation

This is a great technique which is very effective once you master it. Whenever you have a negative thought, immediately take that and flip it round to a positive thought. For example, when you think of something you can’t do, repeat to yourself “I can do …..”

After some practice, this process will become natural.

Think of the Universe as if it Conspires to Make Your Dreams Come True

It is only your own thoughts that stops you achieving anything you want. When you are feeling low, insist, yes INSIST that the Universe is working very hard to put positive things in your path.

Studies have shown that positive affirmations can have a dramatic effect on people’s lives. Start each day with an affirmation, and say another one (or the same one) again just before you go to sleep.

Sometimes being around other people in a negative mood can have an impact on us, dragging us down with them. When you are around negative people, repeat the following to yourself; “The day may be hard for them, but it’s not for me”. This will help boost your mood immediately.

Close Your Eyes, Sit in Indian Pose, and Inhale

Spend at least ten minutes each day meditating without interruption. Sit on the floor with your legs crossed, close your eyes and breathe in a deep, slow, controlled manner

As thoughts come into your head, accept these and release them. Visualize your thoughts as being a bird in a cage and by opening the cage they are released.

Spend as long as you can doing this and try to make it a daily routine.

Lie On Your Back, and Look Up at the Blue Sky

OK, so this is weather-dependent ;) Seeing the world from a different angle can have a profound effect on you. Just lie down and look up at the sky whilst breathing deeply in and out. Having a care-free attitude just for a short while will help boost your mood and serve as a distraction.

Exercise and Move Your Body

Studies have shown that regular exercise can reduce stress and make people feel happier. These studies show that even walking for just 30 minutes per day can reduce symptoms of stress and depression. When you exercise, chemicals called endorphins are released in your brain. These endorphins trigger a positive feeling in your body, similar to that of morphine; you literally get a feeling of euphoria.

Even light exercise can produce this chemical in your brain so whatever you choose to do, walking running or evening just moving your body and your arms, it is a great natural way to boost your mood.

Laugh Out Loud!

As the old saying goes “laughter is the best medicine” and it is a well-known way to reduce stress. These days, so called ‘laughter therapy workshops’ have even been set up in some areas, however you can do this in your own home. Television can help here, watch your favorite comedian or think about some funny things that have happened to you in the past.

As you go about your day, try to look for humor around you, in other people or situations. Children are a great source of joy and laughter and just by laughing a little each day, it will help reduce your stress levels.

Remember: You Once Only Dreamed of Being Where You are Now

Think back to sometime in the past. Is there anything you have now that you once dreamed of having? Perhaps as a teenager you always wanted a car and you now take this for granted. Think about the things you have right now which you once only dreamed of having.

Last Words . . .

You’re not unique in feeling down from time to time, we all do. But don’t let negative emotions take over your life, use these natural remedy tips to help boost your mood when you get the blues and rediscover the joy you have been missing.

Feeling happy is really all about your attitude. Any time you feel yourself getting down about your work life or personal life, and need to boost your mood, put these 10 tips to good use, and you’ll soon rediscover the inner joy and sense of ease you’ve been missing!

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