Healthy Drink Recipes - The Best Cocktails

Healthy Drink Recipes - The Best Cocktails

Looking for ideas for healthy drink recipes? When it comes to living a healthy lifestyle, there is no need to give up on cocktails altogether. Here are some, low-calorie healthy drinks cocktails to keep you trim and healthy.

Healthy Drink Recipes - Cocktails

Bloody Mary

This classic cocktail has been called "the world's most complex cocktail".

  • Tomato juice, vodka, lemon juice, just a bit of tabasco and Worcestershire sauce
  • 123 calories; 4 grams sugar; 5 grams carbs; 17 alcohol units


Similar to a Bucks Fizz, cocktail but a Mimosa has equal amounts of champagne and orange juice. Serve this drink stirred, not shaken.

  • Orange juice and champagne
  • Only 85 calories per drink!
  • 7 grams sugar; 9 grams carbs; 9 grams alcohol

Salty Dog

Serve straight up, without ice.

  • Grapefruit juice and gin
  • 137 calories; 10 grams sugar; 10 grams carbs; 16 grams alcohol
  • Tip – Use vodka instead of gin to make a Greyhound.


Originating in Venice this drink was said to be a favorite of Ernest Hemingway, and Orson Wells.

  • Champagne, simple syrup, lemon juice, and often another juice such as raspberry
  • Different variations to choose from (white peach, pomegranate, etc.)
  • 157 calories; 9 grams carbs; 14 grams alcohol

Vodka Martini

The favorite of James Bond, this drink can be served shaken or stirred.

  • Dry vermouth, vodka and 2–3 green olives
  • 147 calories; 0 grams sugar, 0 grams carbs, 24 grams alcohol

Gin Fizz

Similar to a Tom Collins, the Gin Fizz is the best known of the ‘Fizz’ family.

  • Gin, soda water, lemon juice and gomme syrup (2:1 sugar to water mix with gum arabic)
  • 141 calories; 9 grams sugar; 11 grams carbs; 17 grams alcohol


Originating in Mexico, this Tequila-based drink should be served on the rocks for the healthiest option.

  • Tequila, lemon juice and Cointreau
  • 139 calories; 5 grams sugar; 6 grams carbs; 21 grams alcohol
  • Tip – Skip the fruity add on such as mango, and order it on the rocks instead of frozen. Frozen margaritas typically add more sugar than your waistline will appreciate!


One of the most famous rum-based highballs, Mojito traces his origins to Havana, Cuba.

  • Mint, sugar, lime juice, white Rum and carbonated (soda) water
  • 159 calories; 15 grams sugar; 17 grams carbs; 16 grams alcohol


This classic highball drink has many variations, but the original and simplest version contains Vodka and orange juice.

  • Vodka and orange juice
  • 165 calories; 9 grams sugar; 11 grams carbs; 19 grams alcohol
  • Tip – Add extra ice so by the end the drink will be slightly watered down, which will help you stay a bit better hydrated.

Sea Breeze

A Very popular summer drink, this refreshing beverage should be served on the rocks.

  • Vodka, grapefruit juice and cranberry juice
  • 165 calories; 18 grams sugar; 18 grams carbs; 16 grams alcohol

High-Calorie Cocktails - Make them Healthier

If you really must drift away from weight loss drinks completely and feel the need to drink higher calorie cocktails, then there are some things you can do to make these more healthy drinks.

  • You don’t always have to give up your favorite cocktails – just find new ways to cut down calories with sugar-free mixes or other alternatives.
  • Cosmopolitans (one of the worst cocktails for you) have over 300 calories and 4 teaspoons of sugar. Use low-calorie, no-sugar-added cranberry juice to cut the calories in half.
  • Order on the rocks instead of frozen.
  • Pina Colada drinks are one of the worst cocktails according to FitDay – containing as much as 700 calories per drink!
  • Avoid fruity drinks whenever possible – that’s your margaritas, daiquiris or any other drinks with umbrellas or pieces of fresh fruit attached to the rim. Opt for a white or red wine instead.
  • The more alcohol there is, the more calories you’re drinking.
  • There are approximately 100 calories for every 1 ounce of alcohol you consume.

Cocktails can be Healthy Drinks

When it comes to drink and cocktails, use the same general rules as eating food and keep everything in moderation. Avoid those high-sugar drinks and substitute ingredients to keep trim. Don’t binge-drink and if you keep to the above list and limit the amount you drink, you’ll reduce the chances of gaining weight as well as lowering the effects of the inevitable hangover.

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