Helping Others to Improve Their Self-Esteem

How To Help Others to Improve Their Self-Esteem

We should stay positive with our thinking and attitudes when attempting to boost our own self-esteem. To help others we also need to use a positive approach, and help them see their self worth and value too.

If we ourselves feel our self-esteem benefits from receiving encouragement and supportive treatment by others, then clearly we will help others by encouraging them and reassuring them that they are appreciated and respected by us.

Not every person is raised in an environment where it is normal to give complements or pats on the back. Not everyone is used to this. It can feel good though, to hear that you have done something well, or have addressed something in the right way.

At the weekend, my wife and I, after a week in the office, are both tired and would like to unwind, we don't always want to do the household chores and repair jobs. Somehow there is always so much to do on a Saturday, so Saturday mornings can be pretty stressful.

The idea is that we concur with one another, and congratulate each other for every good idea or suggestion. This is crucial to try and be nice and supportive to each other when we are both experiencing fatigue. This can help increase self-esteem and it always brings a smile to each of our faces, and a reason for a hug and some mutual nurturing.

It assists in us keep in mind that the chores and jobs are less important than our support for each other and the need to look after each other.

Part of the commitment within family life is to offer mutual support and reassurance. Sometimes we forget. From time to time our egos or our schedules just get in the way. Sometimes we can be unforgiving, critical and judgmental.

Family Support Will Boost Self-Esteem

However it is inside our family that we can provide most help and support, and inside our family that our self-esteem can most benefit from it too.

Isn't it generally the case that when two people meet and fall in love, they smile at the whole world. When you are in love you want everyone else to be happy too. As relationships develop it can be hard to feel that euphoria with the world and our loved ones on an every day basis. Every day just creeps in and we act differently. We forget to smile at one another, and don't feel like spreading warmth and joy like chocolate chips to everyone we meet.

It is time to stop and think. What are some of the values of happiness, confidence and good self-esteem?

  • Nurturing ourselves.
  • Making our health and well one of our priorities.
  • Respecting ourselves, our bodies and our minds.
  • Being respectful of others.

Now if we start by getting to see how much happier we can be in our household lives if we take some time to remember to be kind, supportive, and generous with praise and affection, we can help each other, and help our overall self-esteem.

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