Mantra Meditation Benefits and 10 Mantras To Try For Healthy Living

Mantra Meditation Benefits and 10 Mantras To Try

Mantra meditations can be very effective if you have trouble focusing as they differ slightly from traditional classic sit-and-breathe meditation. Here are 10 mantra meditation tips for you to try, where you can learn how to control your mind. Take advantage of the many mantra meditation benefits by unlocking the deeper meaning in the words that you chant, you will begin to benefit from improvements to your overall health, and well-being.

An Introduction to Mantra Meditation

Mantras have been used for thousands of years and date back to at least the Vedic period (1000 BC).

A mantra is a sound of group of sounds which has some spiritual power to protect the mind. Whereas traditional meditation involves sitting and breathing in the classic meditation stance; mantra meditation adds or focuses instead on chanting a phrase.

This chanting can be done out loud or silently to yourself and can be performed individually or as part of a group.

A mantra meditation can include concentrating on a single word, several words, or even a whole sentence. The objective is to look for meaning in the words. A mantra isn’t just the words “om” or “I live in peace,” for example, but about the power or personal meaning the words can hold or convey.

Mantra Meditation Benefits

Meditation benefits are many and wide-reaching and include the following:

  • Helps to balance your nervous system
  • Increases awareness of your mind and body
  • Can help to control your mind
  • Allows you to feel in control of yourself and your environment
  • Assists in balancing hormones, which stabilizes your mood
  • Foster overall sense of purpose

So if you're looking for some meditation tips, then read on and give these ten mantra meditation excersises a try.

Mantra Meditation #1: Om

  • The most commonly used chant – from meditation to yoga studios worldwide
  • Translates to mean many different things, including god, unity and the divine
  • Represents the time of awakening and creation, a spiritual opening from one to another
  • To be spoken slowly while letting go of the physical being for a moment.

Mantra Meditation #2: Soham

  • One of the best mantra meditations for beginners
  • Focus on the word as you breathe deeply, mindfully inhaling and exhaling.

Mantra Meditation #3: Present Moment

  • Great beginning meditation to practice daily
  • Inhale by focusing and saying the word, “Present.”
  • Exhale by focusing and saying the word, “Moment.”

Mantra Meditation #4: Om Shanti Shanti Shanti

  • Translates to “Om, peace, peace, peace to and for all”
  • A popular beginner meditation since it’s easy to remember
  • Repeat slowly, and at the same pitch.

Mantra Meditation #5: Sabbe Satta Sukhi Hontu

  • Translates to “May all beings be happy”
  • Perfect for when you are feeling uncertain about anything and are not sure which path to take

Mantra Meditation #6: All is Well

  • Mantra for reclaiming good health, raising your vibrational frequency, improving communication with loved ones, or getting over illness
  • As you inhale, slowly and steadily repeat the three words, and repeat them the same way as you exhale.

Mantra Meditation #7: Ra Ma Da Sa

  • A popular Kundalini mantra meditation for healing purposes
  • These words call out to the Earth, the Sun, the Ether, and the Moon to heal and be healed
  • Use for protection, for yourself or loved ones.

Mantra Meditation #8: Healthy Am I, Happy Am I, Holy Am I

  • Brings about positive energy into any and all chakras for mental, emotional or physical well-being
  • Use this mantra and affirmation to restore a sense of peace, belonging and purpose.

Mantra Meditation #9: Om Mani Padme Hum

  • Translates to “Hail to the jewel of the Lotus”
  • This is an excellent meditation for reconnecting you to your source, the divine energy that puts you in touch with the universe, your wisdom and the right decisions you need to make.

Mantra Meditation #10: I Am This

  • Chant as an affirmation for whatever your present intention may be.
  • Repeat by filling in the blank: “I am _______ (strong, kind, compassionate, wise, all-knowing, intuitive, intelligent, or wealthy).”
  • Focus on the meaning of your chosen phrase as you meditate. What would your daily life look like if you lived true to that word?

Final Meditation Tips

You can use mantra meditation to take control of your mind and learn to feel at peace. Whether you just repeat the above mantras for 5 minutes a day, or make up your own chants which reflect your own life, you will find that the mantra meditation benefits can help you to rebalance your mind and improve your life.

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