Meditation to Improve Your Life

Meditation to Improve Your Life

Meditation can be generally described as the practice of sitting in silence and freeing the mind of thoughts, with the aim of accepting the thoughts and sending them away. The process does not mean you stop thinking, and should not be confused with concentration.

Meditation is a process which has a very long history, dating back thousands of years. The act of meditation can be used to ground your thoughts and relieve stress and negative energy which can build up as a result of modern living. There are many different ways in which people can meditate, from sitting in the classic Indian style or breathing and chanting. Mediation can have huge positive effects on both your body and mental well-being and really change your life.

History of Meditation – From Centuries Ago to Today

The earliest written records of meditation date back to around 1500 BCE and the Hindu traditions of Vedantism. Japanese, Indian and Asian cultures began practicing meditation within the practices of Buddhism, Taoism and Hinduism from around 400 BCE.

By the 18th century, Buddhism was a hot topic for intellectuals in the west even being discussed by the philosophers Schopenhauer and Voltaire.

In the 1960s a form of meditation known as transcendental meditation became very popular and through the 1970s, other forms of mediation such as translucent meditation, mantra meditation, heart rhythm meditation, mindfulness meditation and movement meditation started to be practiced in the western world.

These days, meditation has become highly popular in lifestyle coaching, yoga classes and chakra meditation workshops. One great thing about meditation is that it can be performed individually, or as part of a group or workshop.

Meditation to Feel More Positive

If you are having negative thoughts and emotions, then meditation during this period can help to reduce the occurrence and impact of anxiety and stress. Regular meditation can also help improve concentration and enable you to focus your mind of clear goals more effectively, even during times of pressure.

Mantra meditation is a very effective tool for learning to ‘stay in the moment’ which enables you to gain a deep appreciation of yourself, your body. This appreciation, in a similar way to using positive affirmations, can help you to maintain a positive outlook in life.

Meditating to When you’re at Breaking-point

Do you feel you are being tipped over the edge? Meditation can really help you to put things in perspective and give you confidence to rise to any challenge. Meditation has been used by many people to overcome addictions to everything from hard-drugs and alcohol, to being addicted to food, sugar, caffeine. Other things which can be conquered by meditation include anxiety, stress and fear-based thinking.

This works by your programing your mind to focus on your breath. By learning mindful breathing, where you breath correctly, you can decrease stress and anxiety symptoms as well as boosting your energy levels and productivity at work.

Meditation for a Healthy Body

Studies have shown that when you meditate, you can more easily give up unhealthy habits such as overeating, smoking or not sleeping enough. By combining meditation with clear goals, it will help you achieve them more effectively, for example losing weight, and prevent any relapse once those goals have been reached.

Meditating is a great way to connect to your true self, and connect with the universe. Once you are able to tap into the universal energy, this will have a dramatic effect on your motivation to maintain a clear mind and healthy body.

Connect With Your Spirituality through Meditation

You are not just a biological robot, as many people would have you believe. We as human beings are unique in that we are conscious and are able to connect to each other and the universal consciousness. Meditation can help you connect to this consciousness and bring back knowledge and understanding to your inner self or intuition.

Meditation can be a prayer session, and become a powerful attractor to the things you want in life. Mediation also can help you to think and seek introspection on your every-day experiences, to learn and increase your wisdom each day.

Finally. . .

Meditation is a practice that goes back thousands of years and is used by cultures the world over to gain a better understanding of the world we live in: to seek out our true self and to connect to our spirituality. Meditation can also just be as simple as routing out negative emotions, to reduce anxiety and stress. You do not need to spend a great deal of time, but spending anything from a few minutes each day in an act of meditation is well worth the positive feelings and self-fulfillment it will bring.

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