Shopping Tips for a Healthy Diet

Shopping Tips for a Healthy Diet

One of the best ways of maintaining a healthy lifestyle is to maintain a healthy weight with a healthy diet. If you want to know how to lose weight or just want to improve your health generally, then you need to ensure that your kitchen is stocked with healthy snacks and you are armed with some healthy recipes.

It goes without saying that if your fridge is load with unhealthy food, then it makes the task of staying healthy that much harder.

The first step to lose weight fast or to detox or whatever your goal is; is to start with your grocery shopping. There are some useful strategies which you can use to help you create a healthy shopping list for when you do your grocery shopping, avoid the junk foods and begin to eat in a healthier manner.

Here are some tips for creating a healthy shopping list for a healthier diet.

Keep to the edges of the store

You’ll notice that most shops keep all their fresh produce around the edges of the store, along with the low-fat dairy and lean fresh meat. Stick to the edges of the store to load up on these healthy options.

Avoid the Bakery

Whilst you are skirting around the edges of the store, avoid the Bakery section. Sadly, the food here is generally full of white flour, butter, sugar and hydrogenated oils, most of which is empty calories.

Frozen Whole Foods are Good

In the frozen food section, be sure to stock up on frozen vegetables, chicken and fish. These foods are very good for cooking healthy recipes in a short space of time. Just check the labels though for too many preservatives.

Other Frozen Convenience Foods – Not so good

Whilst the frozen whole foods are very healthy, you’ll also find a lot of unhealthy food in the frozen section, including pizzas, convenience meals and pastries. Avoid these.

Avoid Processed Foods

Processed foods can include convenience-foods like Ramen, microwave-meals and canned food which contain high levels of sodium. Try and avoid these foods where possible.

Read the Food Labels

If you do buy canned or other processed food, then be sure to read the labels thoroughly, they will usually give detailed nutritional information so you will have a clearer idea of what is in the food you consume. Avoid foods with a high amount of salt or sugar and trans-fats. If the label contains a large number of chemical ingredients (some of which you can’t pronounce) then it’s likely that it isn’t going to be very healthy. I once heard someone say that they avoid anything with more than 5 different ingredients listed.

Do not Shop on an Empty Stomach

We’ve all been guilty of this. As well as spending a lot more than you normally would, when you’re hungry you are far more likely to put unhealthy snacks and guilty-pleasure food in your basket.

Take advantage of Sales

When healthy foods are discounted, take advantage of this and buy in bulk. You can usually freeze most fresh produce which means your money goes a lot further and you’re taking most advantage of the healthy food.

Healthy Shopping List

It is really important to plan ahead when doing your grocery shopping. Create a healthy shopping list, look at some healthy recipes and make a list of the ingredients before you venture into the shop. Think carefully about all the food before you out it in your basket. If it’s not on your list of healthy ingredients, then don’t buy it. It is easier to say no in the store, rather than resist the temptation when it is in your home.

Removing the temptation is the best solution. Spend more time in the fresh food section when shopping and you will be on the road to a healthier lifestyle.

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