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You could also start at level 35 taking 1 talent from Reckoning if desired. Level 40: . Holy shield is a huge boost to grinding, just spam it whenever the cooldown is up. Also, Realize that One-handed Weapon Specialization boosts ALL damage including spell damage, and it is an easy choice for moving up the tree. Level 50: Dual Ragnarok; 300 AC; Sellback: First 24 Hours: 270 AC; After 24 Hours: 75 AC; Rarity: Rare Rarity Base Damage: 18-42 Description: Acquired by Dage the Evil, this sword is said to bring light to the darkness. Hidden away from the world, Dage now sees no threat from this magical weapon and is willing to sell it to the highest bidder. Notes: 1 Description 2 Combat Skills 3 Magic Skills 4 Tradeskills 5 Language Skills 6 Other Skills 7 Quests 7.1 Equipment Sets 7.2 Epic 8 Spells 9 See Also Paladins are the 'virtuous' counterpart to the Shadowknight, a Paladin is a hybrid Warrior/Cleric. They were originally able to Lay Hands (heal themselves or another player) once every 72 minutes (real-time); Lay Hands is now available as an ...

When a Paladin uses this skill, it will affect all enemies and allies within a 7x7 cells radius with a chance of (50+5*SkillLV)% every 10 seconds. Even if the caster takes damage, this skill will continue to work, but he can be silenced. When the skill is active, it will periodically drain the Paladin's HP and SP. Multi-Job is unlocked once your character completes their 2nd Job Transcendent (T2) job change quest.Eg. Lord Knight, High Wizard, Assassin Cross, Sniper, High Preist etc. The Cost Unlocking a new job will cost 88 BCC (if new job is from a different job tree compared to your character’s main job) or Zeny if switching to a job in your character’s main job tree (ie has same 1st job). A level calculator on ROBLOX is a calculator that allows a user to input some statistics about themselves and that then gives the user a level depending on the values they gave. A user can calculate their level with a level calculator and then put that level on their profile. Currently, the most known level calculator is clockwork's calculator, which is located on his Roblox HQ website ... In WotLK, Paladin have come into their own in a big way. Now one of the most consistently powerful classes, many players want one of their own. Find out the best spec to make your journey from 1 to 80 as fast and easy as possible. The Guiderz Ragnarok Online Guides section helps players finish quests and level up! The Guiderz MVP Tracker is geared towards helping max level, end game players farm MVPs to achieve better gears and cards, and become an epic player in both PvP and PvM. But what about the other players who are just trying to level up and finish quests? However, in most cases you will want to play either Retribution or Protection as they more well-suited for the leveling experience. Salut, ici BraveQC de BraveQcGaming. Your ultimate ragnarok mobile guide for Swordsman, Crusader, Paladin! Check out builds like Bash, Shield chain/Shield boomerang and Holy cross/Grand cross. Leveling up? Please take note that the levels below are the mob levels. It is wise to pick an enemy 10+ levels below you once you reach level 30 and above. Unless you have lots of ESB. So if you are Level 70, you can actually fight level 50 and below. Remember that some level 90s just go for High Orcs which are actually just level 52.

Level 5 is recommended for Tank builds; Level 3 is sufficient for Damage-oriented builds. Shield Spell. Casts specific abilities based on the shield's DEF, MDEF, or Refine Level. Casting Level 3 is recommended for Tanking, and should be casted with a decently refined shield (+4 or better). Level 1 can be casted to boost damage with a high-DEF ... Divine Protection – 6 should be maxed to 10 later (Increases Defense by 20 and reduces damage from undead and devil monsters by 10% at max level; Paladin Shield Boomerang – 5 (This skill has high damage, skill primarily used for leveling) Bliss – 5 (Permanently increases healing received by 5% and also increases VIT by 5.