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Device for the very first time, which will guide you through the required basic settings of the tablet. Complete the Setup Wizard to choose your preferred language, activate network connection, set up your account, and more. 1. Turn on your tablet by pressing and holding the Power/ Lock key for a couple of seconds until the screen lights up. 2.

The Amazon Kindle Fire HD 10 tablet is a phenomenal device that allows you to access all of the incredible signature Amazon features at your fingertips, at any time. Whether you want to take your Kindle eBooks on the go with you, listen to audiobooks wherever you may travel, or use the device to manage your smart home set up and take advantage ... The 36-page user guide goes over basic Windows 8 topics like the Start Screen, touch-screen gestures, and navigating apps. It also touches on more advanced topics as well, like BitLocker, File ... It is recommended to read this manual carefully before using this Tablet PC. ... Use a damp, or cleaning cloth, soft, lint-free cloth with gentle water only and gently wipe the screen surface. 3. Do not spray liquid directly on the screen. NOTE : The product's color and specification will …

Find your tablet brand or model from the list below, read or download user manual, user guide, owners manual, service manual and instruction manual for free Tablet Pro is a futuristic mix of familiar tools adapted for touch devices. Artists hotkey on screen keyboard shortcuts, Fullscreen virtual trackpad, pinch to zoom, surface (Ntrig) pen side button remapping... It is the best way to get rid of the touch interface bottleneck. Great for artists, creatives and anyone with a windows touchscreen tablet.